My trip to Guernsey

This week I went to Guernsey to visit my mom. She moved to Guernsey last year for work. However, this was my first trip to the island.

I have to admit that it was not quite what I was expecting. I thought it was bigger for some reason. However, it is a beautiful little island filled with lots if super friendly people.

Whilst in Guernsey, my mom took me to a lovely little chapel. It is covered in broken china pieces and sea shells. It really is a beautiful sight to see.

There is a jewellery shop next to the little chapel which I of course went in to see! They make all the jewellery sold there upstairs in the shop. I picked up a few stud earrings which were a bargain at £4.50.

We then decided to go to this shop called Guernsey pearl. There is a little craft shop close by that sells items made from wool and other little trinkets that are also handmade. When I was there, I was lucky enough to see the ladies of the shop putting together the jumpers they had knitted. It was pretty cool to watch.

After, we went to have a look in the Guernsey pearl shop at all their beautiful pearl jewellery. I went in expecting to see prices that I couldn’t afford. I was pleasantly surprised when that turned out not to be the case at all!  The prices were very reasonable and I walked out with 2 pearl necklaces.

My other days in Guernsey were spent catching up with my mom and just general looking around the island. It was lovely to be so close to the sea and being able to smell that fresh sea air. I cannot wait to go again in summer, when, I am told is when the island really comes to life and shows off its beauty.

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My experience of the 30 day fit app


I found this app by accident. I was searching for an app to keep track of my 30 day squat challenge and came across this. It is free, so I thought why not try it?!

I just wanted something that I could do quickly, and would get the heart going a little. This did just that. You start off fairly simple only doing 10 squats. However, by day 30, this app will have you doing 100 squats.

What I like about it is that I get a daily reminder and there is a photo which shows the technique for the squat you do.

I have now completed the 30 days and would definitely recommend it. I can definitely see the improvement in my stamina. If you had asked me on day 1 if I thought I could do 100 squats without stopping to catch my breath, the answer would have been a “hell no “. Now I know i most definitely can!

Simple vanilla cake

I was craving cake, but as per usual on a Sunday, I didn’t want to leave my apartment to go and buy one. So I decided to make one instead.

I found this really easy recipe on google for vanilla cake and decided to give it a go. I made mine with soya milk. It turned out quite well considering this is the first time I have made a cake from scratch, and it tastes pretty darn good if I do say so myself.